Transformative research with greater purpose


The Hope and Healing Institute (HHI) is an expression of St. Martin Episcopal Church’s vision to minister to those broken by life’s circumstances and a direct response to the compassionate Great Commission of Jesus.

An independent 501c3 non-profit organization housed on the St. Martin’s campus, the HHI is a collaboration of scholars involved in transformative research; bridging the gap between the mental health and faith communities.


At the Institute our scholars and research fellows are involved in the development of resources, programs, and supportive services that strengthen the physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health of families and individuals from birth through elder-hood.

Work in the Institute is focused around four research initiatives:  Child and Adolescent Wellbeing; Building Healthy Families and Relationships; Successful Aging & Later Life; Promoting Mental Health and Recovery.

At the HHI, we seek to provide an environment where new and unique ideas in relation to faith and mental health can be considered and developed.

Present areas of inquiry include:

  • Training clergy how to recognize and respond to mental illness
  • Helping faith communities become more inclusive towards families with a special needs child
  • The development of faith-based mental health services for those with serious mental illness
  • The role of prayer in recovery from addiction
  • Ways of engaging faith communities to be more involved in adoption and foster care
  • The development of clergy-therapist collaborative models of care
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