Hope and Healing Center

The Hope and Healing Center and the Hope and Healing Institute share a common vision of “building and restoring lives to health and wholeness.” While intimately associated, the Center and the Institute serve different roles in pursuit of this vision.

The Hope and Healing Institute is the research and resources development partner of the Hope and Healing Center.  The Institute creates new programs and resources and the Center offers those resources, as well as programs developed elsewhere, to the community at large.


The mission of the Hope and Healing Center is transforming lives, restoring hope.

The Hope and Healing Center is a comprehensive mental health resource dedicated to transforming lives and restoring hope through education, awareness, training, and supportive services. The HHC takes a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on strengthening the physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health of families and individuals across the full cycle of life, from birth through elder-hood.

The Center also serves as a delivery system by which best practices developed in the Institute are promoted and disseminated.

The Hope and Healing Center offers these services to inform the community on issues related to mental health and wellness. These include the popular Lunch and Learn series, a monthly Mental Illness Q&A, as well as more formal presentations by leading experts and professionals. Some areas of focus include; Substance Use Disorder, aging, adoption/foster care, serious mental illness, anxiety, end of life and special needs parenting.

Support groups for individuals and families struggling with mental health problems and addiction are offered during the day and in the evening at the Center. Mental Health Coaches are available daily to offer personal guidance and support to individuals and families seeking answers and care.

The Center also offers continuing education training for mental health and medical professionals in the community.

Services offered at the Center are free or low cost and available to everyone.

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