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Our CEO, Matthew S. Stanford, PhD and Fellows, Amy Bezecny, MDiv and Lorna Bradley, DMin at the Hope and Healing Institute are available for requests to speak at conferences, seminars and other educational events. Here is a list of speakers and the topics that they are prepared to address. Please fill out the request form below to schedule a speaking engagement.

Matthew S. Stanford, PhD


  1. Psychology/Psychiatry and Issues of Faith
  2. Faith Communities and Mental Health
  3. Aggression and Violence
  4. Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  5. A Broken Mental Health Care System: Problems and Solutions

Amy Bezecny, MDiv


  1. What Adoptive and Foster Parents Wish Family and Friends Knew
  2. Is Adoption or Foster Care Right for You?
  3. Adoption and Foster Care Loss – Helping a Loved One Grieve  (or – a grief like no other)
  4. Connecting While Correcting – Parenting Children from Hard Places
  5. Adoption and Foster Care Ministry – Is it Right for Your Congregation?

Lorna Bradley, DMin


  1. How to Create and Sustain Special-Needs Parent Support Groups
  2. Self-Care for Special-Needs Parents
  3. Coping with Chronic Grief
  4. How to be Inclusive to Families with Special Needs
  5. Coping as a Couple with a Special-Needs Child
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